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Annex; an.nex, Br. also an.nexe (aeneks) n. a building attached to, or depending on, a larger buildinG

Art Gallery Hours

Thursday: 11 - 5pm

Friday: 11 - 7pm

1st Friday Evenings till 9pm:

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Others by appointment

or by chance

Annex 24 Gallery  24 W. Walnut Street Lancaster, PA 17603  (610) 304-5168

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Copying is the highest form of flattery, but it’s also unEthical and in many cases illegal - Make your own way - We believe in you.

Contrary to popular belief stealing is a weakness not a strength - Peace Everywhere all the time!

The Art Gallery and Studio combines Monthly Exhibits, Artful & Healthful Retail Sales, Classes & Seminars, Live Music & VIP Events into a freedomizing exploration of artistic expression of our common sociology.  The Gallery highlights Local and Regional creatives and boasts some of Lancaster’s Premier Local Artists.  Our Gallery’s artful Collectors, Designers, B2B/Entertainment Partners, Community Connections and of course it’s fanatical Enthusiasts all help to create and maintain its sustainable business values.  As always, we’re proud to serve up creative presentations and bold gallery exhibits - just for your muse. 

Want in?    Need Great Art?    Give us a ping... tag you’re it ; )

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